Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kosmoceratops richardsoni skull — prep lab photos

Here's a repost of a photo of Kosmoceratops in the Utah Museum of Natural History prep lab, along with another image from a different angle. When I first saw the flaccid dreadlock frill horns, Sideshow Bob came to mind. Click on the above images to enlarge.

Here's a link to the Kosmoceratops richardsoni/Utahceratops gettyi paper at PLoS ONE announced today.

A fun post at Dinochick Blogs summarizing and reacting to the new Utah ceratopsian papers.

Press release page at the UMNH website.

Congratulations to paper's authors and special congratulations to Mike Getty whose monumental efforts are recognized in the naming of Utahceratops gettyi!

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